Beautiful you . Loving you.


Every girl is beautiful. Be it skinny or fat or short or tall. You are beautiful. That’s it!

For a girl of 168cm tall and 60kg weight, orang selalu kata “untunglah tinggi, tak gemuk, pakai baju semua cantik je, macam model”, it can be quite troublesome to hear. Most of the times, unfortunately.

Not complaining, though. It’s just~


GIRLS~ Listen!
We are beautiful in any way we are. Tak kisah lah macam mana fizikal kita. Yang penting kesihatan tu yang perlu diutamakan.

It is saddening sebenarnya, knowing that there are people out there yang trying to shed a few kilos in such an unhealthy way. Just because they want to look beautiful and skinny.

And ada juga yang depressed sebab digelar “gemuk”,”badak sumbu”,”gajah” and many other names just because they are a bit fat.

This is NOT HEALTHY~! This is so heart-breaking!

First rule of being happy is to be happy and grateful in your own skin. “Honey, at least you have a body to live in”. Am I right?

Secondly, be grateful that you are healthy. Alhamdulillah. There are people yang nak sihat like you, seriously.

Then, take care of your body. Eat well, sleep well, be happy, get active, be a loving person towards yourself and other people around you. So that you can live happily and fully for a very long time.

Simple but very challenging to do. Honestly.

But, the end result is so worth it. Every single of it.



Love yourself first because no one can love you the way you do.



Me & Herbalife

Assalamualaikum, dear readers.

I hope all of you are under Allah’s blessing, InsyaAllah.

2017’s is my 6th years with Herbalife. Alhamdulillah.
And this upcoming Ramadhan is gonna be my 7th Ramadhan.

Yep. As you can see, I started Herbalife during Ramadhan. And because of how Herbalife Shake had make me feel, it has been decided that I am so gonna love and cherish Herbalife for the rest of my  life.

One — it simplified my life in a way it helps to keep my nutrients in check, where we are lacking in nutrients nowadays in so many ways. So, Herbalife bantu sangat – sangat dalam mencukupkan apa yang tak cukup dalam diet seharian.

Two — it helps a lot in my weight maintenance. Tutup mata je dah settle my breakfast and dinner. Lunch je yang perlu fikir (definitely a must for me la since I am a malas-type of person when it comes to food most of the timessssss haha).

Three — it makes me feel happy and relaxed. Tak tau la kalau ni memang side effect dia ke kan, but I really feel so happy whenever I am having my shake. Tak percaya, please la try (make sure you have a coach ya unless you tak nak dapat result bombastik — SERIUS nih!)

FYI — Herbalife comes with a coaching sebab different people has different needs.

YES — same product-line with a different needs for various lifestyle. So, please please take Herbalife from coaches yang bertauliah. If you take Herbalife from your family or friends yang PUN under other coaches supervision, do the exact same thing like them.

Pay full price if you have to at first. As long as you get the result and satisfied. Then — you can decide whether to continue or to stop.

BECAUSE — your money is valuable. Yelah even around RM5 for a single serving, 2 times a day is equals to RM11-12 is kinda mahal for certain people. And when you didn’t get what you were aiming for — stress and membazir.

So, take Herbalife from Herbalife coaches, follow their instructions, ask questions — keep the communication open. Percayalah, those yang communicate well with their coaches will get amazing results, Alhamdulillah.

And~!!! #projekkurussebelumraya #teamsurikurus intake May is now OPEN~!!!
Let’s join us sebab we have amazing challenges for May intake, insyaAllah.

Whatsapp me at 0192112157 for more detailed info.



As so, I changed my theme (again!)

I just don’t understand myself at times, really.
At times I love monochromatic colors.
There are times I love all colorful-bold-colors.
Ugh~ so complicated. Please make thing simpler and easier, dear self!

As so, it has been decided.
I am on black and white this time.

That is all. (Not!)

So many things, so little time. Point is to manage time well.
And the list of drama is piling up, books to read, IG posts, coachee’s updates and activities.
Oh dear, I do wish for more time and hands.

Pray with me and wish me luck for 2017, ok~!


*me being all messy and berserk at times duh~*



Spaghetti Sauce.


And Salam Sejahtera.

Lama dah tak update blog. So, here goes. Resepi sos spageti not using Prego or any other shelf-ready-made sauce.

FYI, I’m a very old fashioned person — I don’t go for measurements; just a mere “agak-agak”. Hehe.

So, first thing’s first, blend yellow onion(1/2 to 1 whole onion, depending on size) and garlic (around 3-5). Set aside.

Then, blend tomatoes (tomato besar, tomato cherry, all sorts of tomatoes available), and bell pepper(1/2 to 1 juga).

For more texture, can dice carrots, tomatoes and mushroom. <— optional ya, ikut personal taste.

Make sure, minced meat/chicken (kalau beli yang Ramli nye tu dalam 1 lah) dah defrost and dah buang all the blood.

Then, to cook.

Panaskan periuk – letak olive oil and butter (optional – kalau nak kurus, xyah).Tumis bawang yang di-blend tadi dalam periuk. Tumis sampai naik bau then baru masukkan  minced meat/chicken. Goreng sampai kering (kalau perasan, daging akan keluarkan air – tumis sampai kering).

Bila dah kering, boleh masukkan diced carrot and tomatoes tadi. Stir sampai agak-agak dah half cook. Then baru masukkan tomato dan bell pepper yang di-blend tadi.

Biarkan mendidih. Oh ya~! Api sederhana ya! Kita nak dia slow-slow masak.

Add garam, gula ikut taste but since kita pakai tomato cherry, dia dah ada natural sweetness dah, can add chilli powder for those yang suka spiciness, Italian Herbs like Thyme, Basil. Sila testing k and add up apa yang patut. Hehe.

Biarkan didih for another 3-4 minutes, then padamkan api.

Nak celur Spaghetti or Macaroni tau kan?

My way would be —

Didihkan air + garam + olive oil. Once dah didih, masukkan spaghetti or macaroni tu and masak dia sampai masak. Ada macam-macam cara orang nak tau dia masak ke tak. Mine would be ambil 1 and picit. If lembut boleh  picit sampai putus, then, dah boleh angkat. Kadang masukkan je dalam mulut. If takde rasa tepung, kira dah oke dah tu. Hehe.

So, that’s it on how I made spaghetti sauce from scratch.
Selamat mencuba!!!

It is fun to cook your own meal. It is so simple sebenarnya. Lagi-lagi healthy meal.
Will share more recipe.

COACH SHAFA 019 211 2157 (SMS/Whatsapp)
FACEBOOK : Noor Shafawati Mufid
INSTAGRAM : @noorshafawatimufid


I Am A Coach — A Herbalife Coach.


Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera.

Last weekend was our training weekend. We had Advaced Coach Academy on Saturday and Success Training Seminar on Sunday. It was kinda hectic weekend. In fact — the whole week. MasyaAllah.

I Am A Coach.
Why Coach?
Because — I coach people consuming Herbalife products properly in order for them to lose weight or to gain weight or even just for healthy breakfast.

As a coach, saya bertanggungjawab untuk memastikan setiap coachee saya mengambil produk Herbalife secara betul agar mereka berjaya mendapat berat badan dan tahap tenaga yang mereka inginkan. Saya perlu monitor how they blend their shakes, giving personalized meal plan that suits their daily schedule, ensuring they are drinking enough water everyday and also share useful health info.


Untuk bermula, boleh hubungi saya di :-

COACH SHAFA 019 211 2157 (SMS/Whatsapp)
FACEBOOK : Noor Shafawati Mufid
INSTAGRAM : @noorshafawatimufid


Beli Herbalife Online

Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera.

Ok. Nowadays semua benda nak online je kan? Produk Herbalife pun tak terkecuali. And untuk mendapatkan produk Herbalife secara online, hanya satu website official je iaitu


“Habis, produk yang kat website e-commerce yang L****a or 1***S****t tu tipu la ye?”.
Itu saya tak berapa pasti, cumanya untuk lebih selamat dan diyakini kualitinya, baik direct terus dengan website official,kan? Betul kan?

And yang bestnye bila beli direct kat HQ ni, akan dapat sekali pakej coaching daripada coach-coach Herbalife yang dilatih tentang penggunaan produk dan program pengurusan berat badan seperti —

  • Turun Berat Badan
  • Naik Berat Badan
  • Sarapan Sihat
  • Kesihatan Kulit

secara PERCUMA.

Harga produk Herbalife juga berbeza mengikut promosi diskaun;

  • Diskaun 25%
  • Diskaun 35%
  • Diskaun 42%
  • Diskaun 50%

Disamping itu dapat capai promosi-promosi dari syarikat Herbalife pada setiap bulan.

Untuk bermula, boleh hubungi saya di —

COACH SHAFA 019 211 2157 (SMS/Whatsapp)
FACEBOOK : Noor Shafawati Mufid
INSTAGRAM : @noorshafawatimufid

kerana, untuk login ke website Herbalife, anda memerlukan no identifikasi yang hanya boleh didapati melalui coach-coach Herbalife yang terlatih sahaja.

Kami juga akan membantu dari segi konsultasi produk dan pemakanan, pemantauan progress dan macam-macam lagi 🙂


Tentang Saya.



Assalamu’alaikum wbt & Salam Sejahtera.

Nama saya Noor Shafawati, dipanggil Shafa je. Saya merupakan pengedar produk Herbalife sejak tahun 2011. Dan tahun ini merupakan tahun ke-5 saya bersama dengan Herbalife.

Bagaimana saya bermula?
Segalanya bermula apabila saya berhadapan dengan kesukaran untuk bergerak setelah saya menjalani pembedahan buku lali dan mama serius  untuk menurunkan berat badan.

Ramadhan 2011 adalah titik perubahan kami. Dengan menggantikan hidangan sahur dan berbuka dengan shake Herbalife berserta pemantauan oleh coach kami, saya turun 5kg dan merasakan lebih bertenaga dan mama berjaya menurunkan berat sebanyak 15kg pada tahun itu. Alhamdulillah.

Maka bermulalah perjalanan hidup saya sebagai seorang coach Herbalife dan saya mula menghadiri seminar dan latihan Herbalife bagi memberikan khidmat yang terbaik kepada coachee-coachee saya.

Alhamdulillah, dengan kepercayaan bahawa hidup ini akan lebih bermakna dengan memberi, saya sudah berada di dalam Herbalife hingga kini; membantu ramai orang di luar sana yang ingin mengubah gaya hidup ke arah yang lebih sihat dan aktif.

Saya merupakan Coach Herbalife Kuala Lumpur sepenuh masa — onlice coaching di mana-mana sahaja melalui Whatsapp.
Produk Herbalife hanya boleh didapati melalui coach-coach yang berdaftar sahaja, tiada di kedai mahupun online. Coaching yang diberikan adalah PERCUMA.

Untuk bermula, boleh hubungi saya.

COACH SHAFA 019 211 2157 (SMS/Whatsapp)
FACEBOOK : Noor Shafawati Mufid
INSTAGRAM : @noorshafawatimufid


* Hasil adalah tidak tipikal dan bergantung kepada individu.
** Produk Herbalife tidak bertujuan untuk mendiagnos, merawat atau mencegah sebarang penyakit.