Assalamu’alaikum, all.

And yes, it is 1.29 am in the morning and I am here still writing things in this blog of mine. Me and the nocturnal side of mine *typical me*. Anyway, sebenarnya I’ve been thinking of sharing about calories. And somehow the post got postponed for a while. And here I am writing in the middle of the night, on the beginning of the final 10 days of Ramadhan. May Allah bless me and all of us dearly, InsyaAllah.


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So, what exactly is Calorie? Or in Malay, Kalori? Lagi-lagi nowadays people are so immersed in calorie counting nowadays. Simply put ; Calorie = Energy.

In food, calorie are as follows:


source : google

Based on my observations la kan, many people terlepas pandang the quality of a food over a quantity of the calorie of the food itself. For example : a few pieces of kuih and a bowl of rice. Kita sangkakan yang a few pieces of kuih has a lesser amount of calorie compared to nasi. Ye lah. Kecik kot those kuih. Of which , sebenarnya the amount of calorie are almost the same. Quantity-wise are same. What about quality-wise? A bowl of rice is around 200-300kcal. What components that it has? Simple carbohydrates, of course. What about kuih? Also around 200-300kcal per piece, and the components would be simple carbo, sugar, fat since they are made of flour, eggs, butter and sugar. So, which is better? Rice, right? It is best to take rice and add on side dishes of vegetables, fruits, protein-based like fish and eggs ; put colors in your meal.

Kita terlalu fikirkan kalori sesuatu makanan itu sampaikan kita lupa kualiti yang ada pada makanan tu.

Air pula. Most of the people that I asked whether they drink water or not. They’d definitely say they drink plenty of water. And when I ask “what kind of drink that you have? Is it plain water or any sugary water?”, 80-90% will answer sugary water like coffee, canned drinks and juices.

Do you know that even drinks has its own calorie? Ini satu lagi perkara yang kita selalu terlepas pandang. Kita rasakan yang air manis tak ada apa-apa kesan terhadap pengambilan kalori kita setiap hari. Sebab itu, walaupun kita tak makan, kita tetap akan mengalami kenaikan berat badan secara tidak langsung disebabkan oleh pengambilan air manis beberapa gelas setiap hari. Sebagai contoh:


source : google

Ada lima jenis minuman yang kita ambil setiap hari, kalau ditambah semuanya lebih kurang 1370kcal sehari. Kuantiti kalori itu dah hampir sama nilai dengan keperluan kalori badan seharian. Dan digunakan sepenuhnya oleh minuman. Belum lagi makanan. Mak aih. Dan on average, every excess of 500kcal a day, you’ll be gaining approximately 0.5-1kg of weight a week. And you can imagine how much of weight you’ll be gaining the entire year. More than 10kg kot. That is based on my observation. And if tak naik berat pun, you’ll start to expand in inches around your waist, hands, tummy and thigh. That’s why you have to beli baju baru setiap tahun, bigger size pulak tu. If smaller size or same size, tak ape lagi, kan? Oh stress! 0.0

How Herbalife shake can help? You can see and compare as follows. Can see the maths? Simple,kan? Kita ingatkan yang secawan Latte dan muffin tu dah cukup dah semua nutrisi dan kalori yang kita perlukan. Rupanya tidak. Based on this simple calculations la, I choose Herbalife as my breakfast every single day for almost 5 y ears dah sekarang.


source : google

Less in calorie but packed with essential nutrients yang badan kita perlukan. Secara tak langsung, kempen yang dilaksanakan oleh Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia sangat mudah untuk dilaksanakan apabila anda ambil satu atau dua gelas of shake every single day as your meal replacement. Kalau dah 228kcal per glass, if two glasses would be 456kcal per day. If on average a person required 1500kcal of calorie intake, ada remaining 1054kcal lagi of which you can splurge during lunch and dinner. Simple,kan?

kalori3                                                                 source : google

P/S: you can google away the calorie of your daily food. Since everything is just right on the fingertip, you can google away. But, please consult with your doctor or physician if you are diagnosed with any kind of disease before taking Herbalife products.

Herbalife are a nutrition company who work hand in hand with professionals in order to beat obesity and to provide the best nutrition person by person. Me, as a Herbalife coach can coach and guide you on how to use the products and also how to create a healthy eating habit and lifestyle. Bottomline is, everything starts with you.

COACH SHAFA 019-2112157


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