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These past few days I’ve been blog-hopping most of the time. Looking for something to read other than books agaknya. Hehe.

So, stumbled upon this one blog. Sebenarnya I’ve been following her IG for quite some times. How I met her IG, I don’t exactly remember. Sebab as a random person like me, I’ll go hashtags searching everything that comes in mind and follow IGs randomly. Hehe.

I do wish to win this planner. Why? I love to write and I believe by having a cool planner do makes me like a serious writer (keep on dreaming, shafa!! LOL).

Go and drop by her blog. I’ll drop the link down below and do please pray that I will win this giveaway… *heart* *heart*

Her post on the giveaway Planner Giveaway by Eeca Shyaa
Her blog Eeca Shyaa
Her IG Eeca Shyaa
Her FB page Xechalogy

She’s a Miri-born and she’s a lifestyle blogger.

Nice knowing you 🙂

Love, Shafa

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Just simply messing around with my little camera. And since Cahaya Bulat is just lazing around so, I took the liberty of taking her picture.

Raya dah habis. So, let’s get back to business. Open house pun dah berkurangan, tinggal kenduri kahwin je on weekends. Of which, it’s bearable and manageable. No big damages are going to be done. InsyaAllah. 🙂

We are open for business all year round. And since we’re doing online-basis, you can join the coaching group from anywhere you are – as long as internet can reach – obviously almost every continent of the entire world. Hehe.

Our group is getting bigger and bigger. Alhamdulillah. As for my small group, we’ve helped to shed almost 100kg worth of fat, MasyaAllah. It’s amazing.

I believe for the whole total of the group would be more than 500kg. So, let’s ringankan muka bumi ni, girls.

We also have boys, just a few and their results are tremendously amazing. Banyak result sebenarnya, yang dah compile tu pun banyak, yang pending punnn lagi banyak. Ye lah, every month ada new people.

( You can search #teamsurikurus in Instagram or Facebook )

Let’s join our motion, girls. What are you waiting for? The world will keep on moving and changing. No one can stay put forever.

Always have faith and believe in yourself. Because, I always believe that we can do it. Question is, Do you?

I’ll try to compile the results here, next time maybe. Till then, you can check me out on Instagram : noorshafawatimufid for feedbacks, sharing and results of our team.

Will be waiting for you, still. My coaching group will always open for you.

Be beautiful inside out.
Love yourself.
You are amazing!



Beautiful you . Loving you.


Every girl is beautiful. Be it skinny or fat or short or tall. You are beautiful. That’s it!

For a girl of 168cm tall and 60kg weight, orang selalu kata “untunglah tinggi, tak gemuk, pakai baju semua cantik je, macam model”, it can be quite troublesome to hear. Most of the times, unfortunately.

Not complaining, though. It’s just~


GIRLS~ Listen!
We are beautiful in any way we are. Tak kisah lah macam mana fizikal kita. Yang penting kesihatan tu yang perlu diutamakan.

It is saddening sebenarnya, knowing that there are people out there yang trying to shed a few kilos in such an unhealthy way. Just because they want to look beautiful and skinny.

And ada juga yang depressed sebab digelar “gemuk”,”badak sumbu”,”gajah” and many other names just because they are a bit fat.

This is NOT HEALTHY~! This is so heart-breaking!

First rule of being happy is to be happy and grateful in your own skin. “Honey, at least you have a body to live in”. Am I right?

Secondly, be grateful that you are healthy. Alhamdulillah. There are people yang nak sihat like you, seriously.

Then, take care of your body. Eat well, sleep well, be happy, get active, be a loving person towards yourself and other people around you. So that you can live happily and fully for a very long time.

Simple but very challenging to do. Honestly.

But, the end result is so worth it. Every single of it.



Love yourself first because no one can love you the way you do.



For the love of teaching.


Disclaimer : the topic on teaching is solely on my experience as a relief teacher and also as a volunteer teacher to a non-profit organization.


Sebenarnya dah jumpa this quote a few months ago. Really love the quote. It really express my love and feelings of teaching very well.

To those yang tak tahu, I used to be a Cikgu Ganti at one of the High School here in my area and I am currently is one of the volunteer who teach Rohingya kids weekly. Once a week. And I’m teaching Bahasa Melayu. Haha. Can you imagine me teaching Bahasa Melayu when all this while aku mengajar Matematik, Sains dan Fizik. *Oh My!*

It’s a great new adventure, though. Aku menggunakan pengalaman aku menghadiri kelas Bahasa Korea as a guideline untuk aku mengajar masa proses pembelajaran selama 3 jam itu. Dan juga pengalaman aku mengajar budak-budak Tingkatan 1 dan 2 apparently sangatlah membantu.

“How can you fall in love in teaching?”
That question selalu ditanya kepada aku. Ada yang kata; it’s because my mom is a lecturer and it runs in the blood. Oh well, probably.

But, if it runs in the family, it also requires passion, compassion,patience and vision to teach and guide the students not only academically, but also outside the academic-class.

So, to answer that question would be “for the benefit of mankind”. Sounds cheeky but it’s true,okay.

*my ex-students and my current students*

Because, truthfully, teaching the kids nowadays are so challenging. Jiwa dan hati mereka kental. It’s truly a challenge *lap peluh*. Take a look at the kids nowadays, and you will smile , nodding telling yourself that the thing I said is true.

Banyak kali aku terdiam dan termenung jauh bila students aku tak mahu dengar kata. “Adakah aku macam ini dulu?”, has always been my favorite question all the time. To some, it’s easier to scream and to scold. But to me, I always take it as my very LAAAASSSSTTT resort. That’d be the worst case scenario la. Ye la. Budak-budak sekarang ni jiwa kental, keras hati lepas tu kena jerit,kena tengking. Batu dengan batu apa jadi? A fire-spark,kan? That’s why screaming and scolding would be my very last resort. *Different people, different teaching method,okay. Peace, yo!*

I’m doing my very best to be as loving as possible in teaching them. I don’t mind teaching it over and over again. We all need a little reminder, after all.

And the same goes in coaching people to eat right and healthily. Also requires passion, compassion, patience and vision to help them being better in their new healthy and active lifestyle. To remind over and over on calories, take food as organic as possible, to choose the stairs instead of elevator or lift etc etc; that’s my job, you know.

Kau ingat nak tukar gaya hidup dan pemakanan boleh tukar macam kau tukar baju? Even tukar baju pun ada masanya fikir dua tiga kali, “yang ni ok ke?”, pastu bila orang kritik baju tak sesuai, kita dah sedih sedih nak tukar baju. Sama juga dalam implementing new eating and lifestyle habit. It requires guidance, coaching and motivation.

Even famous sportsperson pun ada coach, okay.

As much as kids need teacher to teach them ABC, we also need a coach to guide us well in what field we want to excel in.

As for me, I coach people to lose weight healthily; hunger-free. That’s my passion and what I do best in. For FIVE years and en-counting.

As for the quotes above; “as I decide to become a Herbalife coach, my life forever changed. I’m thinking about my coachee most of the time, 24-7”. That’s how I love my job as a Herbalife coach. I’m bringing change to everybody I met.

COACH SHAFAWATI 019 211 2157


I am back to Rock & Roll, baby~!!!


To those yang kenal aku in and out, I’m pretty much unpredictable. I can change from this kind of person to another. I can be naive, I can be weird, I can be joyful joyful talking talking and I can be all quiet silent mysterious person stalking your back. Oh yeah. I am like that #likethisyolikethis. Even aku pun tak berapa nak faham diri aku sendiri. Oh well. Me with my 4D side at times *flipshijab*

And lately, aku has this one interest towards this one guy. Aha~ Guy mana la pulak,kan? Haha. Ada lah this one guy (Haha. I can’t help but gelak). Jung Joon Young nama dia. Haha. He’s one of the Korean Artist *ceh! mamat korea rupanya*


Why I have this interest in him?
Aku memang follow 2days 1night and he’s one of the fixed member for 2D1N season 3, as a Maknae. Watching him throughout the season makes me realize that he has his own charm. Especially bila the staff show that he has a diary in his phone. THAT! That is the reason why aku start search about him. And also because of that aku pun ada aku punya own diary dalam phone aku. Aku pun menulis and truthfully, kadang tak sempat nak duduk and tulis. Seeing that side of him, inspires me to have my own diary. So that aku boleh update di mana mana sahaja.

In a way, JJY has become one of my inspiration apart from SJ. Why?

He is weird. So weird. I tell you.
He sing rock songs and ballads song so well.
He holds chopstick with his left hand but he writes, play guitar with his right hands.
He can cook and has a distinct taste in his food.
He is friendly.
He is expressionless but he has a warm heart.
He looks so rough but he has his own soft side.
He is a man with various charm. He’s like an onion. Refreshing with each layer.

I feel so near to him since aku pun weird kadang. Haha.

By watching JJY with the other members of 2D1N made me realize that we need each other, and by that we are accepting each other’s strength and weakness.

It’s fine to be yourself. And we also have to let orang sekeliling untuk menjadi diri sendiri juga. It works both ways, you know. Acknowledge each other.

*tarik nafas, lepas*

Let’s be better, peeps.
Be in love with yourself, you are important and lovable.
Let other fall in love with you with your own charm. Be yourself. Don’t change yourself because of others.
Love people around you. They need love as much as you do. What you give, you’ll get back.
Give love. Spread the love. Share the love.
Love. Love. Love.

I love people. I love meeting people. And I’m thankful to Allah for this Herbalife opportunity to touch and change people’s lives with love and passion.

Your Herbalife coach in just a click away
Coach Shafawati
Change your breakfast and lifestyle to LOSE 5-50kg and maintain them. 🙂





How are you, all? Missing me? Hehe.

Truth is, I’ve been a bit occupied as a relief teacher at nearby school. And it’s Sekolah Menengah. I taught Maths to Form 1 and Form 2 students and Pendidikan Sivik for Form 1. Frankly speaking, it’s been hectic. Can you imagine, teaching 20 plus to 30 plus students in a class. And mind you, the classes I got was the brightest and also not so bright. Definitely there’s a different in attitude and sorts. Yet, I found it interesting since I love learning about people.

And speaking about people, let’s talk about the recent event happened a few days ago. Yesterday, went to Shah Alam. Using DUKE, NKVE and Federal. So, semestinya aku akan terkenang pasal accident yang happened,kan? Tambah-tambah sebak when aku realize yang mereka lagi sedikit nak sampai susur keluar ke Gombak. Can you imagine the feeling? Of course sebak lah kan. Al-fatihah to them. Mohon Allah berikan ketenangan kepada si mati dan keluarga, Amin.

Speaking of that, how can I say this in a very mannerly way, hmm…things happened for a reason. And from our own judgment yang dah boleh distinguish right and wrong ni lah kan, we know that berlumba di tempat awam is wrong, let aside driving above had laju because somehow kita akan terlaju juga,kan. Okay. That’s that. Accident happened. Fine. Yet, there are a thing or two that I don’t feel yang kita patut buat. Like being overly defensive with harsh and inappropriate words. You can be defensive, it is fine. But, why must be in harsh words? If you are wrong, fine, admit it. People will understand, eventually. And if you aren’t wrong, say it and leave it there. The anger will die out somehow.

And others, yes, I am fully understand that you are being furious with the action. But, is it appropriate to talk, to comment with the swearing, the harshness and those judging words? No, right? Why do that? Have you ever put yourself in their shoes? They are scared, perhaps? They can’t think straight, maybe? They are young, possibly. It is okay to be angry yet be rationally angry. What happened if the one driving was your own family members? How do you feel if other people said the exact same things you said? Will you be happy or feeling hateful towards the commentors? Think again.

Pernah kan korang dengar how budak-budak sekarang bercakap? Is it nice to hear? Or korang rasa, “it’s’s fine with me since aku pon cakap macam tu jugak”. Or perhaps korang rasa nak tampar je budak-budak sekarang for the way they behave nowadays? You tell them to be quiet and listen, were they following? I doubt it. You tell them to not smoking, yet you too smoking. Will they listen and follow? NO!

Kids are the direct reflection of yourself. No matter how hard you scream, make them behave, ask them to talk well to you, they won’t listen to you. They will copy you. How you talk to them and the others, they will copy. How you treat other people , that’s how they will follow. They will copy you. Like CARBON COPY.

Think back. What kind of world would you like to live in? Like now? Or you want a better one? Where people say good things, positive things, happy things. Decide for yourself. If you still want to be boldly expressing yourself, swearing here and there, leaving harsh and hurtful comments, be my guest. However, brace yourself for the people around you who would do you the same. And if you now want to change to the better, and then there are some people saying things that hurt you in any sorts, forgive them. Let them be. Pray that they will change. Allah know best. Trust him. Then jauhkan diri from them. Mingle among positive people.

Everything starts with yourself. Bila pergi talk-talk agama, the speakers will tell the exact same things. Change yourself to the better. Forget about others. You first, and other will follow.

I love people. Meeting new people (though sometimes my introvert-side won’t allows me) is beautiful. To give motivation, to be there whenever they need you, to give hope that they can be a better version of themselves. Are somewhat interesting and noble thing to do. That’s why I am truly in love with my Herbalife life.

019 211 2157