Year End Suries Challenge.

Assalamualaikum, all.

How you guys doing?
Great, I hope ^^,

Anyway, it’s already the last month of the year 2017. Slowly without realising we are reaching 2018. Whether we like it or not.

So yeah

It’s the time of the year where people making their new year resolution and I am practically sure most people are putting “Weight Loss” as their favorite goal every new year.

And somehow the goal tend to being forgotten towards the first 3 months of the year. Simply because we’ve lost motivation or feel like it’s a long and hard and challenging journey of no ends and we call it a quit.

So, with Year End Suries Challenge; we hereby challenging all coachees to focus on shedding their 5kg for December. They need to challenge themselves to follow the mealplan closely, add activities to their daily life, to put an extra effort to keep their motivation high and to be a supportive team member of each other.


Make a full use of NOW. Because we do know what happened when we keep on delaying our progress. If you believe that losing weight is the best decision to a better you, you will keep on going — finding solution, finding the best approach that you can adapt in your daily life and you can enjoy.


Good news is — you can join us 🙂 It’s never too late to start your weight loss journey. It’s never wrong to keep on finding the best way to lose weight that you can enjoy.

So yeah, give yourself a chance to change to a better you. Give Team Suri Kurus a chance to help you to lose weight stress-free.

I’ve seen my coachee who is struggling in losing weight, always have doubt with him/herself that they are unable to follow the mealplan, let alone in losing weight. But I keep on telling him/her that just focus what you can do NOW.

Have the right attitude when you are starting because it will save you a lot of time in adapting.

What it takes to lose weight with Team Suri Kurus?
ONE is your absolute positive mindset and TWO is your attitude to keep on track , to incorporate healthy lifestyle with your current lifestyle.

That’s all what we asked for.
Because it is a fact that we need to change something in order to become something. Because it is the truth that we have to sacrifice something to gain something. All these for a lifelong weight maintenance.

We want to always enjoying food and stay in shape forever, right?
YEP! Give yourself a chance and time to change.

Whatsapp me at 0192112157 right away


You can stalk my instagram : noorshafawatimufid and then whatsapp me at 0192112157.

Your Team Suri Kurus Coach 🙂
Coach Shafa.


Life is a choice.

Assalamualaikum gaisss.
How are you?

I’m fine.
A book-done-reading fine. Hehe.

I’m finding peace by reading nowadays of which I’m going back to my childhood self once again. Haha.

(Padahal memang suka baca buku pon lols)

You wanna know something funny tak?
(Kalau taknak, I still wanna cerita gak. Haha)

So, yesterday I did some grocery shopping alone and out of the blue I decided to wash my car. You know yang car-wash-machine tu kan…I went there because I simply want to give my car a wash je.

And yeah I did. I am so happy that my car dah mandi after months of tak mandi heheh. Usually I’ll give him a bath myself but nowadays I don’t feel like washing the car.

Andddd~~ tak lama lepas tuu HUJAN!!! Hahaha. I laughed my heart outtt sebab memang dah agak that it’s gonna rain.

You know, I always have this luck bila cuci kereta. Almost 99% of times when I wash my car, mesti akan hujan right after that.

I thought it’s only when I wash my car je. But one time, mom send her car for car wash and I’m accompanying her and tadaaaa~~~ hujan turun right after the wash. I told mom that “sorry ma, it’s my luck that it’s rain everytime I wash the car” and mom laughed.

I know it’s ridiculous to think like that. Ye lah kita tahu kan cuaca tu kerja Allah. It’s just I can’t help to laugh at the situation.

I used to be mad at the weather over something petty like this when I was young, you know. I said “penat-penat je cuci kereta; pastu hujan” or “tak guna punya hujan; turun lah time aku dah cuci kereta”. Astaghfirullah al azim. That was the young me.

Gaiss — life is a choice. You can see it from a negative point of view or a positive one.

Baru-baru ni I attend a Tadabbur Al-Quran session and this ustadha shared that (in somewhat similar sayings) if we are easily mad or angry or very much in rush in everything — we are not in peace deep down in our heart.

Let’s see ourselves when we are late or when we are in the middle of a traffic jam; for example. Do we swear or honk like crazy or being impatient and be angry over everything?

I always have this belief in my heart that there’s always a reasoning over something that happened. Because that’s what Allah had plan and laid our life as.

So yeah. Life is a choice. You can take our lateness as something good or bad. You can take being trapped in a traffic light as a time for you to do quran recitation or do some zikr or you can be all mad over it of which I believe that you takboleh nak buat apa-apa melainkan bertenang dan cari jalan alternatif lain and  simply follow the flow.

The same with me and the car wash and the rain. I chose to laugh about it and be grateful for the trees and other living creatures yang memerlukan air hujan untuk hidup. I can’t stop the rain, can I? And my car need a wash once in a while. What the use making a fuss over a rain that comes after a car wash, right?

How to find peace in our heart?
This is what I do and feel free to dig deep down in your heart what works for you,okay?
1- Baca Al-Quran
2- Cari talk yang share stories from Alquran
3- Zikr

You kena usaha untuk fall in love with Allah, with Muhammad s.a.w, with Islam. Fill in your heart dulu. Baru sikit-sikit ubah yang luaran.

When you fall in love with Allah, with His creatures ; insyaAllah you will find peace and you know la kan what happen when you fall in love kan? You will do mostly anything to please the one that you love kan — in this case is Allah.

Again. Life is a choice. You can take your life negatively or positively. It’s all in your hand.

p/s: I’m not an Alim or anything. I just simply share what I feel and what I believe. If what I wrote here happened to open up your view in life in a positive way, Alhamdulillah. All from Allah.


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Planner Giveaway by Eeca Shyaa



These past few days I’ve been blog-hopping most of the time. Looking for something to read other than books agaknya. Hehe.

So, stumbled upon this one blog. Sebenarnya I’ve been following her IG for quite some times. How I met her IG, I don’t exactly remember. Sebab as a random person like me, I’ll go hashtags searching everything that comes in mind and follow IGs randomly. Hehe.

I do wish to win this planner. Why? I love to write and I believe by having a cool planner do makes me like a serious writer (keep on dreaming, shafa!! LOL).

Go and drop by her blog. I’ll drop the link down below and do please pray that I will win this giveaway… *heart* *heart*

Her post on the giveaway Planner Giveaway by Eeca Shyaa
Her blog Eeca Shyaa
Her IG Eeca Shyaa
Her FB page Xechalogy

She’s a Miri-born and she’s a lifestyle blogger.

Nice knowing you 🙂

Love, Shafa

I love to help ladies and women out there to lose weight healthily with Herbalife. We in #teamsurikurus is the best support group that can help you to lose weight happily and stress-free.

Whatsapp me at 019-211-2157 for fast responds. Thank you.

I Am A Coach — A Herbalife Coach.


Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera.

Last weekend was our training weekend. We had Advaced Coach Academy on Saturday and Success Training Seminar on Sunday. It was kinda hectic weekend. In fact — the whole week. MasyaAllah.

I Am A Coach.
Why Coach?
Because — I coach people consuming Herbalife products properly in order for them to lose weight or to gain weight or even just for healthy breakfast.

As a coach, saya bertanggungjawab untuk memastikan setiap coachee saya mengambil produk Herbalife secara betul agar mereka berjaya mendapat berat badan dan tahap tenaga yang mereka inginkan. Saya perlu monitor how they blend their shakes, giving personalized meal plan that suits their daily schedule, ensuring they are drinking enough water everyday and also share useful health info.


Untuk bermula, boleh hubungi saya di :-

COACH SHAFA 019 211 2157 (SMS/Whatsapp)
FACEBOOK : Noor Shafawati Mufid
INSTAGRAM : @noorshafawatimufid


Beli Herbalife Online

Assalamualaikum & Salam Sejahtera.

Ok. Nowadays semua benda nak online je kan? Produk Herbalife pun tak terkecuali. And untuk mendapatkan produk Herbalife secara online, hanya satu website official je iaitu


“Habis, produk yang kat website e-commerce yang L****a or 1***S****t tu tipu la ye?”.
Itu saya tak berapa pasti, cumanya untuk lebih selamat dan diyakini kualitinya, baik direct terus dengan website official,kan? Betul kan?

And yang bestnye bila beli direct kat HQ ni, akan dapat sekali pakej coaching daripada coach-coach Herbalife yang dilatih tentang penggunaan produk dan program pengurusan berat badan seperti —

  • Turun Berat Badan
  • Naik Berat Badan
  • Sarapan Sihat
  • Kesihatan Kulit

secara PERCUMA.

Harga produk Herbalife juga berbeza mengikut promosi diskaun;

  • Diskaun 25%
  • Diskaun 35%
  • Diskaun 42%
  • Diskaun 50%

Disamping itu dapat capai promosi-promosi dari syarikat Herbalife pada setiap bulan.

Untuk bermula, boleh hubungi saya di —

COACH SHAFA 019 211 2157 (SMS/Whatsapp)
FACEBOOK : Noor Shafawati Mufid
INSTAGRAM : @noorshafawatimufid

kerana, untuk login ke website Herbalife, anda memerlukan no identifikasi yang hanya boleh didapati melalui coach-coach Herbalife yang terlatih sahaja.

Kami juga akan membantu dari segi konsultasi produk dan pemakanan, pemantauan progress dan macam-macam lagi 🙂


Berpuasa bersama Herbalife

Assalamu’alaikum wbt & Selamat sejahtera to all.

Sedar tak sedar dah nak sampai dah Ramadhan untuk tahun ni. MasyaAllah and amazingly, it’s gonna be my 5th Ramadhan with Herbalife, InsyaAllah.

“Berpuasa dengan Herbalife? Boleh ke? Bukan ke Herbalife tu utk turunkan berat badan?” 
To those yang bertanya ;
“Yes. Herbalife is applicable to any month of the year” 
Sebabnye, Herbalife ni NUTRISI SEIMBANG yang lengkap untuk keperluan badan kita. And Herbalife is far beyond than just helping you to lose weight.

supplementNi aku share sekali “Kenapa kita perlukan makanan tambahan” walaupun most daripada kita menyatakan yang mereka tak memerlukan supplement. No problem with that, just ketahuilah somehow kita memerlukan supplement juga.

And Herbalife shakes, especially, supplies the amount of nutrient yang diperlukan oleh badan kita setiap hari. That is why I’ve changed my breakfast for almost 5 years already. Because of this fact je. Simple,kn hidup aku? Haha. If it bring goodness, apa salahnya diamalkan,kan? Plus, aku ni kan student engineering. Engineer kan work backwards. We want the specific end result then we work from there. Aku nak badan aku sihat and berat badan maintain, so, aku work backwards and find the best solution for myself. Best nutrition supplies & excercise 🙂

And since it works on myself, I share to people. Benda baik kan WAJIB share. Untuk kebaikan bersama. Tak baik simpan-simpan ni.

Berbalik kepada cerita berpuasa bersama Herbalife. Aku start consume Herbalife di bulan Ramadhan. Exactly on the 2nd or the 3rd day of puasa , tak ingat. But I still remember bersahur dengan shake and amazingly aku sangat-sangat bertenaga sampai ke petang. Haus tu memang ada. Lapar? Alhamdulillah ok ok je tak macam selalu pukul 10 pagi perut dah start berbunyi. Even aku boleh buat kerja rumah. Seriously.

Since then, aku yakin dengan Herbalife dan kekal bersama Herbalife hingga sekarang. Alhamdulillah.

Orang kata Herbalife mahal. Pada aku bila kita consume Herbalife, sebenarnya kita memang dah berjimat habis dah. *Nak tahu camne berjimat tu, sila whatsapp aku kat 019 211 2157. Dan ini applicable to NEW people sahaja and customers aku. Yang dah ada coach, sila hubungi coach masing-masing, ye~ *

Hidup dengan Herbalife sangat-sangat lah simple. Sahur shake. Buka puasa shake. Lepas terawikh je makan la nasi sikit. Or untuk insan yang nak kerja senang and simple (dibaca : pemalas cam aku ni hehe), malam before tidur, bancuh shake siap-siap letak dalam peti ais, bila sahur, minum. Bila buka pun sama. Bancuh siap-siap dalam pukul 630 or 645 camtu then letak dalam peti ais. Dengar azan Maghrib je , makan kurma 3 biji then aloe, tea and shake. DAH! Siap-siap solat Maghrib. See! Simple, solat di awal waktu, bertenaga. Subhanallah. Itu memang dah habis simple dah oi~!

Dah! Tak perlu banyak fikir. Simple people come to me~!
Jom! Berpuasa bersama Herbalife 🙂

1431671376943 1431671589547 p/s: kalau tak nampak, boleh klik dan baca 🙂

019 211 2157


How are you, all? Missing me? Hehe.

Truth is, I’ve been a bit occupied as a relief teacher at nearby school. And it’s Sekolah Menengah. I taught Maths to Form 1 and Form 2 students and Pendidikan Sivik for Form 1. Frankly speaking, it’s been hectic. Can you imagine, teaching 20 plus to 30 plus students in a class. And mind you, the classes I got was the brightest and also not so bright. Definitely there’s a different in attitude and sorts. Yet, I found it interesting since I love learning about people.

And speaking about people, let’s talk about the recent event happened a few days ago. Yesterday, went to Shah Alam. Using DUKE, NKVE and Federal. So, semestinya aku akan terkenang pasal accident yang happened,kan? Tambah-tambah sebak when aku realize yang mereka lagi sedikit nak sampai susur keluar ke Gombak. Can you imagine the feeling? Of course sebak lah kan. Al-fatihah to them. Mohon Allah berikan ketenangan kepada si mati dan keluarga, Amin.

Speaking of that, how can I say this in a very mannerly way, hmm…things happened for a reason. And from our own judgment yang dah boleh distinguish right and wrong ni lah kan, we know that berlumba di tempat awam is wrong, let aside driving above had laju because somehow kita akan terlaju juga,kan. Okay. That’s that. Accident happened. Fine. Yet, there are a thing or two that I don’t feel yang kita patut buat. Like being overly defensive with harsh and inappropriate words. You can be defensive, it is fine. But, why must be in harsh words? If you are wrong, fine, admit it. People will understand, eventually. And if you aren’t wrong, say it and leave it there. The anger will die out somehow.

And others, yes, I am fully understand that you are being furious with the action. But, is it appropriate to talk, to comment with the swearing, the harshness and those judging words? No, right? Why do that? Have you ever put yourself in their shoes? They are scared, perhaps? They can’t think straight, maybe? They are young, possibly. It is okay to be angry yet be rationally angry. What happened if the one driving was your own family members? How do you feel if other people said the exact same things you said? Will you be happy or feeling hateful towards the commentors? Think again.

Pernah kan korang dengar how budak-budak sekarang bercakap? Is it nice to hear? Or korang rasa, “it’s’s fine with me since aku pon cakap macam tu jugak”. Or perhaps korang rasa nak tampar je budak-budak sekarang for the way they behave nowadays? You tell them to be quiet and listen, were they following? I doubt it. You tell them to not smoking, yet you too smoking. Will they listen and follow? NO!

Kids are the direct reflection of yourself. No matter how hard you scream, make them behave, ask them to talk well to you, they won’t listen to you. They will copy you. How you talk to them and the others, they will copy. How you treat other people , that’s how they will follow. They will copy you. Like CARBON COPY.

Think back. What kind of world would you like to live in? Like now? Or you want a better one? Where people say good things, positive things, happy things. Decide for yourself. If you still want to be boldly expressing yourself, swearing here and there, leaving harsh and hurtful comments, be my guest. However, brace yourself for the people around you who would do you the same. And if you now want to change to the better, and then there are some people saying things that hurt you in any sorts, forgive them. Let them be. Pray that they will change. Allah know best. Trust him. Then jauhkan diri from them. Mingle among positive people.

Everything starts with yourself. Bila pergi talk-talk agama, the speakers will tell the exact same things. Change yourself to the better. Forget about others. You first, and other will follow.

I love people. Meeting new people (though sometimes my introvert-side won’t allows me) is beautiful. To give motivation, to be there whenever they need you, to give hope that they can be a better version of themselves. Are somewhat interesting and noble thing to do. That’s why I am truly in love with my Herbalife life.

019 211 2157