Assalamu’alaikum, all.

And yes, it is 1.29 am in the morning and I am here still writing things in this blog of mine. Me and the nocturnal side of mine *typical me*. Anyway, sebenarnya I’ve been thinking of sharing about calories. And somehow the post got postponed for a while. And here I am writing in the middle of the night, on the beginning of the final 10 days of Ramadhan. May Allah bless me and all of us dearly, InsyaAllah.


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So, what exactly is Calorie? Or in Malay, Kalori? Lagi-lagi nowadays people are so immersed in calorie counting nowadays. Simply put ; Calorie = Energy.

In food, calorie are as follows:


source : google

Based on my observations la kan, many people terlepas pandang the quality of a food over a quantity of the calorie of the food itself. For example : a few pieces of kuih and a bowl of rice. Kita sangkakan yang a few pieces of kuih has a lesser amount of calorie compared to nasi. Ye lah. Kecik kot those kuih. Of which , sebenarnya the amount of calorie are almost the same. Quantity-wise are same. What about quality-wise? A bowl of rice is around 200-300kcal. What components that it has? Simple carbohydrates, of course. What about kuih? Also around 200-300kcal per piece, and the components would be simple carbo, sugar, fat since they are made of flour, eggs, butter and sugar. So, which is better? Rice, right? It is best to take rice and add on side dishes of vegetables, fruits, protein-based like fish and eggs ; put colors in your meal.

Kita terlalu fikirkan kalori sesuatu makanan itu sampaikan kita lupa kualiti yang ada pada makanan tu.

Air pula. Most of the people that I asked whether they drink water or not. They’d definitely say they drink plenty of water. And when I ask “what kind of drink that you have? Is it plain water or any sugary water?”, 80-90% will answer sugary water like coffee, canned drinks and juices.

Do you know that even drinks has its own calorie? Ini satu lagi perkara yang kita selalu terlepas pandang. Kita rasakan yang air manis tak ada apa-apa kesan terhadap pengambilan kalori kita setiap hari. Sebab itu, walaupun kita tak makan, kita tetap akan mengalami kenaikan berat badan secara tidak langsung disebabkan oleh pengambilan air manis beberapa gelas setiap hari. Sebagai contoh:


source : google

Ada lima jenis minuman yang kita ambil setiap hari, kalau ditambah semuanya lebih kurang 1370kcal sehari. Kuantiti kalori itu dah hampir sama nilai dengan keperluan kalori badan seharian. Dan digunakan sepenuhnya oleh minuman. Belum lagi makanan. Mak aih. Dan on average, every excess of 500kcal a day, you’ll be gaining approximately 0.5-1kg of weight a week. And you can imagine how much of weight you’ll be gaining the entire year. More than 10kg kot. That is based on my observation. And if tak naik berat pun, you’ll start to expand in inches around your waist, hands, tummy and thigh. That’s why you have to beli baju baru setiap tahun, bigger size pulak tu. If smaller size or same size, tak ape lagi, kan? Oh stress! 0.0

How Herbalife shake can help? You can see and compare as follows. Can see the maths? Simple,kan? Kita ingatkan yang secawan Latte dan muffin tu dah cukup dah semua nutrisi dan kalori yang kita perlukan. Rupanya tidak. Based on this simple calculations la, I choose Herbalife as my breakfast every single day for almost 5 y ears dah sekarang.


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Less in calorie but packed with essential nutrients yang badan kita perlukan. Secara tak langsung, kempen yang dilaksanakan oleh Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia sangat mudah untuk dilaksanakan apabila anda ambil satu atau dua gelas of shake every single day as your meal replacement. Kalau dah 228kcal per glass, if two glasses would be 456kcal per day. If on average a person required 1500kcal of calorie intake, ada remaining 1054kcal lagi of which you can splurge during lunch and dinner. Simple,kan?

kalori3                                                                 source : google

P/S: you can google away the calorie of your daily food. Since everything is just right on the fingertip, you can google away. But, please consult with your doctor or physician if you are diagnosed with any kind of disease before taking Herbalife products.

Herbalife are a nutrition company who work hand in hand with professionals in order to beat obesity and to provide the best nutrition person by person. Me, as a Herbalife coach can coach and guide you on how to use the products and also how to create a healthy eating habit and lifestyle. Bottomline is, everything starts with you.

COACH SHAFA 019-2112157

My 6th Ramadhan with Herbalife.

Ramadhan Kareem, all.

It’s 2.11am in the morning. It’s chilly. And I should be sleeping but I couldn’t help myself to be falling asleep just yet. I’ve been edging to share my 6th Ramadhan experience with Herbalife in this blog of mine with a hope that there must be readers who will benefit from this entry, InsyaAllah.

And so,
back in 2011, as most of my close friends already know, I’m kinda obsessed with healthy food and all. I’ve been doing my very own version of healthy regime and all. Finally I met Herbalife through one of my schoolmate. And it was around Syaaban and I got started with Herbalife program that very Ramadhan.

First impression?
Alhamdulillah. I don’t feel hungry at all! I feel energetic the entire day. Only thirsty. MasyaAllah. It was amazing! Super amazing. I took Herbalife shake for sahur and for iftar. Take normal meal either after the shake or after Maghrib prayer. Amazingly, my body was adjusting tremendously well.

As so,
as years goes by, it’s my 6th Ramadhan, now. Just like that.

People will always give me that weird look when I tell them that I only take Herbalife shake for sahur. They’ll be asking me “don’t you feel hungry if you don’t take rice?”. I’ll answer them “nope, it felt great the entire day”.

Plus, as a person who is like a zombie when she wakes up for sahur, Herbalife shake is the best solution for her. One, it’s super easy to prepare, I can make shake with my eyes closed literally. Two, I am having the barokah of sahur everyday without failing, Alhamdulillah.

There’s still around 15 days to go (if I’m not mistaken) and it is still the best time to start taking our 30 days trial program. Where it’s like you are training with the new healthy regime during Ramadhan and you keep it on going during Syawal; of which helps in ensuring that you won’t gain weight excessively. Sounds like a pretty cool idea, right?

what are you waiting for?
Ramadhan is the best month to change your eating habit, to change your lifestyle and definitely the best month to change your dress size! 🙂

A few people pops this kind of statement to me;
“I don’t take Herbalife shake, I took charge in my meal, I choose healthy food” so on and so forth.

My answer would be;
“GREAT! You choose what’s best for you and I definitely respect that. I just love Herbalife shake because it is so simple to prepare and as for a simple-minded-type-of-person like me, simplicity is my BFF”. That’s all.

And if you are about to ask me about other type of diet or supplements other than Herbalife, I honestly don’t really master in that area. My area would be Herbalife through and through.

Happy Ramadhan 2016, everybody.
Ramadhan Kareem, InsyaAllah.

Hi. My name is Shafa and I’m a Herbalife coach since 2011. I coach people on healthy active lifestyle with Herbalife products. I lost 5kg of fat and I’ve been maintaining it for 5 years Alhamdulillah. I love reading books, a KPOP mania and at the same time love to travel. I can be seen as a shy person but if you get to know me, I am a very warm person and a very patient listener. I can be a free spirit at times as I love to enjoy my life. Drop me an e-mail at noorshafawatimufid@gmail.com if you are interested to enjoy Herbalife products each and every day just like me. Tq 🙂

The Pink Blanket

Haven’t been writing. Kinda missing this though.
The first third of Ramadhan , done.
Less drama. Unintentionally.

Zillions of stories. To write them down, I’m thinking super hard.
Some stories are good to share. Some are not.
Always going back and forth

Burdensome. At times, you know.
I don’t feel like meeting people.
Despise the idea, in some sort.

I miss you.
I really do.
Let’s meet, one day, some day, any day.

Love you.


Book #2

I shouldn’t be all awake right now. I should be sleeping. It’s almost 1 am in the morning. But I can’t sleep just yet ¬,¬


House Rules by Jodi Picoult

I’ve finished reading this book around 2 weeks ago. One of the book that touches the emotional side of mine.

A book that is — emotionally powerful from beginning to end.

“But I thought you might need someone to lean on, too.”
Henry to Emma

At the same time – the song ;

“네가 있어 그 자리에 갈수있어”
– 돛 담배  (정준영)

I can relate!

Sometimes we make believe to ourselves that we are better off without relying on other people. But truth is, we can’t!

Deep down inside – we are crying for help. The struggle was real.

And by this, I learned my lesson that ;

When I have Allah, I have everything. Allah is enough for me


That’s it!
That’s all that I need.
That is all.


Read, pray & love.


My reading spot


I love books. Am so crazy about books sampaikan aku boleh “hilang” dari dunia bila aku baca buku or bila aku kat kedai buku.

Kalau budak-budak boleh “lost” kat playground, macam tu lah aku. Ngeheee.

Nowadays, aku start balik reading buku cerita. And aku feel like a child again. Haha. Serius. Aku start balik digging old 90s songs, start balik dengar radio tengah-tengah malam sambil baca buku, start balik gendong buku ke mana-mana aku pergi, start balik  baca buku dalam kereta. Macam masa aku kecik-kecik dulu.


My fav quote by one of my fav author. 😍

“Shafa memang suka baca buku yeh?”.

“Sempat ke baca buku? Tak busy ke? Aku selalu tak ada masa nak baca buku”.

Those are FAQ yang orang selalu tanya kat aku. Macam kelakar pun ada. Ye lah. To them a bit strange la orang dah tua bangka ni ada masa nak baca buku. Hehe.



Bila aku fikir balik, betul lah apa yang dikatakan tu.

Kalau aku, aku memang easily influenced by apa yang aku lihat and apa yang aku dengar. That’s why aku sangat berhati-hati dengan apa yang aku baca, tengok dan dengar.

Sebab, segala input yang kita masukkan ke dalam otak, minda kita itulah yang akan kita keluarkan dari mulut kita.

Tak percaya, cuba baca bahan yang berunsurkan gossip-gossip, tabloids, article yang mengutuk sana sini etc for a week and cuba dengar balik what kind of info yang kita share kat people around us, kat Facebook.

And then cuba baca bahan ilmiah pula and buat benda yang sama.

Ada beza kan?

Membaca pun bukan sebarang membaca. Apa yang kita baca itulah yang akan kita share kat orang.

Ayat Al-Quran yang pertama turun pun pasal “Bacalah!”. After that baru “Tulislah!”.

Nampak kan kepentingan membaca tu sebelum menulis?

Tips-tips orang yang berjaya pun membaca. Siap ada library masing-masing. Perasan kan dalam movies kat rumah agam, mesti ada library yang besar.

So, membaca itu keperluan asas kita as human being. And as a Muslim, bacalah Al-Quran. Dalamilah Al-Quran. Ada banyak cerita sejarah dan tauladan yang best-best. Carilah ustaz yang pandai bercerita tentang kisah-kisah Al-Quran ni. Favorite aku would be Ustaz Nouman Ali Khan. Other than that Ustaz Yahya Adel dan Ustazah Yasmin Mogahed.

Korang boleh YouTube je dia orang tu.

P/s: korang dah pergi Pesta Buku Antarabangsa Kuala Lumpur ke belum? Aku nak pergi. Tengah cari masa. Anyone else nak pergi sekali? *kelip-kelip mata*.

“great minds talk about ideas, average minds talks about events, and small minds talk about people”.  – Eleanor Roosevelt


Book #1


Finally berjaya habiskan buku Cocktails for Three by Madeline Wickham. Beli buku ni tahun lepas masa Big Bad Wolf. And since then, dia tersimpan di sudut meja. Konon nak habiskan buku Jodi Picoult dulu. But, since tak berjaya nak habiskan buku House Rules sebab terlalu sedih dan emotional masa membacanya, aku berhenti membaca for a while. Haha.

Then, around two weeks ago aku start baca Cocktails for Three ni. Aku pick this book up on random basis. So, no specific reason kenapa aku baca buku ini. Haha.

Truth is, aku almost barely finish this book. Sebab, aku start beremosi. Aku tak tahu kenapalah aku ni dengan buku-buku. Senang sangat nak beremosi. Adoi. Almost a week juga la aku tak sentuh buku ni.

But in the end, aku decide untuk habiskan. Aku muster up all my courage and bravery (haha. macam ape je la kan) to read this book again.

The book is about three great friends, smart and successful, they meet for cocktails and gossip once a month. They’re Roxanne, Maggie and Candice.

Roxanne is a glamorous , self- confident, with a secret lover .
Maggie is the capable and high achieving – and is entering motherhood.
Candice is the honest, decent or so that she believes.

Aku stop reading this book sebab Candice’s old past is coming upon her. How to say this? Candice’s dad ada buat something yang harm other people’s life and somehow one of them came up on her and Candice feels bad to this friend, Heather. Candice feels as if dia owe Heather her life and want to make it up to her. And she offer Heather a job at the editing company she’s working at.

And Maggie and Roxanne dah start suspicious.

Tu je reason kenapa aku stop reading this book for a while. Haha. Macam kelakar je kan alasan stop baca buku. So noob of me.

Anyhow, since aku nak tahu how Candice, Maggi and Roxanne deal with this, aku kembali membaca buku ni. And finally finishes the book. Yay!

My verdict?

The book definitely refine my feelings, my challenges, things that I can’t express words by words. And instead of me knowing how Maggie, Roxanne and Candice deal with this, aku belajar tentang diri aku and the people around me that;

We need each other.
In this world, we can’t live on our own. It is impossible! Kadang kita terlalu fikirkan tentang diri kita sendiri sampaikan orang yang di sekeliling kita diabaikan. Walhal mereka perlukan kita. It is important to have supportive family and friends. To know that they’ll be with us when we need them. And us too to be a supportive family and friend as well.

We need to trust each other.
As much as we need each other, we need to trust each other as well. We are not superman or superwoman. We need help sometimes. We are not perfect. So, kita kena belajar percayakan orang lain juga. Masing- masing perlukan sesama sendiri.

Stay loyal towards each other.
There’ll be a time your loyalty towards each other will be compromised by somebody or something else. It’s normal. It’s a part of life.  I’ve been there. TWICE! And God I tell you that it’s so darn difficult to have them gaining my trust again. But, in a way we learn a lesson. That those who believe in you will stay loyal and those who don’t won’t. Kenal lama tak bererti apa-apa bila ada orang lain yang berjaya mengubah kepercayaan kita. In this sense,we need Allah to rely upon.

Basically this book is about friendship, loyalty and trust. No secrets.

Oh God! I miss my girlfriends. We need to hang out. Just to be ourselves for a day and to be carefree. No obligations of any sorts. For A day. I need a picnic session. Hmm…

Anyway. I love this book and I still can’t get over this book just yet. I still have an emotional attachment with this book. Perhaps by tomorrow I can start reading another book.

By reading , we can be at many places at a time. By reading, we can see the world from many ways. By reading, we can gain knowledge. By reading, we can see the world of wonders. By reading, we can be a better man. Just as what Ahn Jung Guen once said;


A quote that I stumbled upon while watching 2 days 1 night – Harbin Special

By a thorn grow in my mouth meant was your words are filled with spite that hurt other people. Or in other way to understand is you will be an ignorant person by saying hurtful things towards another person.

As an introvert myself, ada waktunya yang aku tak pandai nak ekspresikan perasaan aku. And since aku tak pandai, aku senang marah. And by reading, aku belajar untuk menyampaikan , berkomunikasi melalui tulisan. And I’m thankful for that. Thank you, Allah.

By reading, it opens up a door of wonders.
A wonderful world we’re living in.